How to use the MOBOTIX HUB Matrix

The MxHub offers a matrix function.
Here, triggering cameras can be displayed in a window defined in DeskClient.

Camera 1 triggers → Matrix window in DeskClient shows this camera 1.
Camera 2 now triggers → Matrix window in DeskClient now shows camera 2.

Here it can be realized that always the camera that triggers is displayed.

If you create multiple Matrix windows in DeskClient, the first triggering camera moves one window further.

Camera 1 triggersMatrix window 1 shows camera 1
Camera 2 triggers nextCamera 2 is displayed in Matrix Window 1, Camera 1 is moved to
Matrix Window 2.

You can see how to configure this in the following steps

1.Create a Matrix in ManagementClient

→ ManagementClient → Client → Matrix

→ Right Click: Add Matrix…

=> Name: example: ** **
=> Address: “Fill in the Adress of the Hub DeskClient” (When it is installed on the same PC, set Localhost adresse:
=> Port: "Set an inidividuall Portnumber (example: 20000)
=> Password: “Set an individuall Password” (You will need this later in DeskHub)
=> Type: Desk Client/Remote Client

Add Matrix

2. Create a Rule an decide what Event should trigger the Matrix

→ ManagementClient → Rules and Events → Rules

Right Click: Add Rule…

Name: example: Matrix HubDeskClient Alarm
→ Select "Perform an action on < event >"
→ Click on : Event under Edit the rule description
=> Select an Event that should trigger the Matrix (example: Motion started (HW))

Select Event

→ Click on “devices/recording server/ management server” and choose the camera which should trigger the Matrix when Motion is detected

Event Camera

Click OK

Click Next

→ Choose Event is from < motin window >
→ Click on “motion window” and write 1

click Next

→ Select "Set Matrix to view < devices >"

→ Click on “matrix” and select your created Matrix

Select matrix

Click OK

Click on “devices” and choose "User triggering device"

Click OK
Click Next
Click "Finish"

3. Set a view in DeskClient and select the Matrix
→ Creat a new View in the DeskClient
→ Put the Matrix in one of the Windows in your view.

→ Expand the Properties menu on the left side and click Connection settings
→ Put in the Port configured in the ManagementClient and the Password from your Matrix which was configured in the ManagementClient

→ Click OK
→ Click on "Setup"

Now the Matrix will show Camera 1 when a Motion is detected.
You can see this in the following Clip.