IP Notify returns http code 408

Hi all,

I have a lot of C26 cameras that all run a IP Notify to turn on the USB hardware expansion to turn on the IR Ring. Most of the cameras work fine, but some return the following:

Sending IP message using profile “IR-AAN” (this may take up to one minute!):
INF: loading notify profile ip_62582018 …
INF: name given by user is IR-AAN …
INF: set profile send order “parallel”
INF: set profile address “localhost:80”
INF: set profile data type “msg”
INF: set profile http version: “HTTP/1.0”
INF: set profile http cgi path: “/admin/plex”
INF: try to resolve IP address of host “localhost” …
INF: resolved “localhost” ip-address as
INF: force generation of current JPEG …
INF: [hdl#1] connection established (ip=, port=80, fd=2) …
INF: reached data limit of 512 bytes … (stop reading)
INF: [hdl#1] HTTP-Headers: HTTP/1.0 408 Request Timeout
INF: [hdl#1] HTTP-Headers: Status: 408 ERROR
INF: [hdl#1] HTTP-Headers: Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
INF: [hdl#1] HTTP-Headers: Cache-Control: no-cache
ERR: HTTP request to was incomplete (HTTP code 408)!

Does anyone have an idea what the issue could be? I already copied the IP Notify configuration from a working camera to this one, but it still doesn’t work.