Blocking or Preventing Live Video Stream of C26 Cameras from local Web-Address access

Hi Mobotix Team,

We have deployed around 200 units of C26 cameras to one of our projects and the client wants to Block the Live Video Stream when someone entered the local IP Address of the Camera and they should not be prompted a userlogin page. The only allowed persons are us technical staff when conducting maintenance works.

All of these cameras are configured with the Integration Protocol Signaling that sends to our server once a movement is detected. From what I understand we can apply these settings in two ways: using the Public Access or IP-access-Level (IP Blocking).

Do you have any other recommendations?

Apart from this, since we have 200 cameras, it will take time to apply individually to these cameras, is there any fast way to do this (maybe a software based approach)?

Thank you for your support and I am hoping for your soonest reply on this.

Kind regards.