Issues with New MOBOTIX S16 Camera: No Image Despite 2 New Image Sensors and Cables

Hey everyone,

I recently got my hands on the new MOBOTIX S16 camera, excited to experience its enhanced features with the two new image sensors and upgraded cables. However, I’ve encountered a rather frustrating issue - the camera isn’t delivering any image output.

I’ve meticulously installed the camera, ensuring proper connections and cable integrity, but despite my efforts, I’m left with a blank screen. I’ve double-checked the settings, power supply, and everything seems to be in order, yet the problem persists.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue with the S16 model? Or perhaps, could offer some troubleshooting tips or advice on how to resolve this? Your insights or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated!

I’m eager to tap into the potential of this new camera, so any help in getting it up and running would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Hallo Daniel,

it is a very often scenario to connect two sensors to our S16 camera and in general this should work.

Of course this requires the right settings in the camera to enable the connected camera sensors.

For further analysing the community members need more info how your case is setup.

For more complex analysing of your issue i would recommend to contact our Support and provide the infos of your Kamera and exact setup.

I hope this helps , Jörg