M12 doesn t start up after insert SD card ?

My M 12 camera doesn t want to start up any more once i have insert the sd card in the sd card slot of the camera.
I did this with camera switched of , setting in the none mode , insert the card , power up again , no acces to the camera.
iff i insert the card when camera power on , i can see the card and even format it 100% corectly.
after reboot , no more acces , take the card out , reboot , acces possible ?
any body an idea ? already switched of storage failure detection

What I have noticed is that multiple cameras of mine, these are the D14 cameras, once I power them off they never turn back on.

I had 3 of 7 of my older cameras die out after turning them off.

It seems that maybe the internal battery died or something like that, but I can’t access them.

I am looking for how to fix them because they worked until shutting down, so I assume battery. However, if the battery is bad it usually gives an error for that and will not allow you to use it, but you can still access the camera. However, the error was on a newer D15 camera and not the older D14, so its possible that the D14 didn’t give an error.

I would start by checking the internal battery.

Unfortunately, there is really no way to get help with these cameras, who can we turn to?

Something else is up with these older mobotix cameras and that is why I have 3 of my 8 cameras not being able to access them after turning them off. They just keep trying to reboot, but never load up.

You can always submit a report DMP files to support@mobotix.com.
We can take a look at the report dmp and give you a thumbs up or down if this camera has reached its end of life or give you a concrete answer if you have a RTC battery issue.

The issue unfortunately for me is that the camera just stays on a reboot cycle, you can not access it anymore to even geta DMP file or read the error messages.

I’m going to have to check the voltage of the internal RTC battery. I had this issue with a D15, but I was able to boot into the camera and see the error.

I wonder if the D14, just doesn’t boot up if the RTC battery is bad and just keeps trying to reboot itself.

I have 3 of these D14 camera with the same exact issue, turn camera off, it then never boots up and based on the red blinking lights, it keeps trying to reboot itself.

In your case. I would contact our sales department and asked about our upgrade discount.