Mac OSX activate the Microphone for the MxMC Application

n my new MacOS Catalina there was a microphone problem with MxMC

Here is the solution

MxMC Microphone under Catalina:

The problem:

Intercom via microphone in MxMC does not work


MacOS Catalina requires the release of the microphone for each application.

Normally, when starting the program a query is added and access can be granted under

Apple > System settings > Security > Privacy - Microphone

Can be viewed and changed.

The solution

If the MxMC is not in the security settings, you have to execute the following procedure

  1. opens the terminal ( in programs)

  2. MxMC must be closed at this time.

  3. execute this command in the terminal: open /Applications/

  4. now MxMC is started and a PopUp appears if MxMC may access the Micro

  5. press YES

The work Center is missing from the command useā€¦

open /Applications/