No audio output from MxMC on Mac OSX

With the release of MxMC version 2.8; the audio issues between MxMC and MacOS remain unresolved. I find that the microphone on the Mac is able to pass audio to the camera’s speaker but the camera’s microphone is unable to pass audio to the speakers on the Mac.

The camera’s audio settings are correct (Speaker is active, volume = 3; microphone set to medium then low sensitivity and active).

The speakers on the Mac work (Studio display speakers, external speakers, TV speakers on the TV connected to the HDMI port) and are properly configured. I can play music, videos, etc. from online streaming sources as well as local streams both live and pre-recorded. No issues.

The only way to get the audio to work both ways on Mac is to open the Terminal App then enter the following command (courtesy of MX-JoergS and MXDanielG):

open /Applications/

If MxMC is opened using the means above; then audio is present both to and from the camera. If it is opened via the usual selection in the Applications folder (or Mission Control app) on the Mac; then audio is only present from the Mac’s microphone to the camera’s speaker.

Does anyone have any insight on this including when a fix will be released in MxMC for this?

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