Milestone XProtect - MOBOTIX Camera Configuration EN

The main target for the MOBOTIX Camera Configuration is:

  • Direct camera configuration of the IOT and MOVE cameras in the Milestone XProtect Management Client (configuration simplification for the system administrator).

The focus of the new plug-in was to simplify camera configuration for the administrator. The administrator can now make settings directly in the device tree of the Milestone XProtect Management Client on the browser page of the cameras. The user has direct access to the “usual” configuration pages without having to leave the Milestone XProtect Management Client.

The following settings tabs are provided for the IOT models:

• Admin Page
• Setup Page
• Image Settings
• Event Settings
• App Settings (P7 camera models only)
• Camera Status

The MOVE cameras offer all settings on a browser page and the administrator is therefore offered a tab:

• Camera Settings

Available licenses for MOBOTIX Configuration PlugIn for Milestone XProtect:
Permanent Licenses:

  • Mx-SW-XPro-Config

Demo License:

  • Mx-SW-XPro-Config-30

IOT - Camera Admin Page:

IOT - Camera Setup Page:

IOT - Camera Image Settings:

IOT - Camera Event Settings:

IOT - Camera App Settings (ONLY P7 Camera Model):

IOT - Camera Status Page:

MOVE - Camera Page:

Basic configuration of the camera settings tabs in the Milestone XProtect Management Client:
In the following area, the administrator can determine which tabs are to be displayed and, if necessary, hide certain tabs.
The application uses hint dialogues when calling up camera configuration pages that can be permanently suppressed by a user click. If required, these can be reactivated when entering the configuration page.

  • Hint on configuration dependencies with the VMS stream settings.
  • SSL certificate trust query

Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 11.58.02