Milestone XProtect - MOBOTIX Cloud Support EN

As an additional element, live cameras from the MOBOTIX Cloud can now be embedded in the camera layout within the Milestone XProtect.

Available licenses for MOBOTIX Cloud PlugIn for Milestone XProtect:
Permanent Licenses:

  • Mx-SW-XPro-CLOUD-Bas
  • Mx-SW-XPro-CLOUD-Dev

Demo License:

  • Mx-SW-XPro-CLOUD-Bas-30

Video with most important functions:


Export of Grafana data as CSV:
Screenshot 2023-03-31 at 09.56.58

Layout with status message with which “external” system the connection is established.

Operating options:

  • In the playback view, a click on a recognised number in the list (click on date / time) triggers the jump in the player to the corresponding event time.

  • Double-clicking on an element in Grafana or Cloud will enlarge the element and double-clicking again will minimise the element.

Thermal Graph Element:

  • Clicking on a specific time on the temperature graph highlights the area in the image.
  • Double-clicking on a specific time on the temperature graph jumps to the corresponding time in the recording. (assumes that the corresponding camera is included in the layout)

Double-clicking in the border area of the temperature graph (outside the X-Y axes) maximises the view and double-clicking again reduces the view again!

Create Milestone XProtect Smart Client layout with Grafana Dashboard:

In the page area, the new elements MOBOTIX CLOUD is now available for selection as layout element.

Milestone XProtect Management Client Setting for Cloud:

IMPORTANT: There are two account types in the Cloud: the Reseller Account and the Sub Account. Only the sub account contains cameras and must be stored in the Milestone XProtect Management Client Setup!
The user can add more sub accounts as shown in the example screenshot:


Milestone XProtect Smart Client Setup - Adding Cloud Cameras from a Cloud Sub Account
First, select the Cloud Sub Account. In this case, the sub account created in the Milestone XProtect Management Client is labelled “Demo 1”.
In the next drop-down field, the cameras created in the sub account appear for selection. (The drop-down field can be empty if no cameras have been added to the cloud sub account yet - this must be done in the cloud first).

Example if no cameras have been added to the sub account yet: