MOBOTIX 7: How to use the ObjectDetection including a thermal sensor as 2nd sensor

If you want to use the ObjectDetection App, only an image sensor connected to the M1 port of the M73/S74 is possible in normal operation.

Since firmware it is possible to use the new thermal sensor series as 2nd sensor. So you can start an object detection and use the thermal sensor in parallel.

It is important that you use a thermal sensor with the designation Mx-O-M73TB.
The previous thermal sensors: Mx-O-M73TA had to be connected to the M3 port of the respective MOBOTIX 7 camera.

With the Mx-O-M73TB series, the camera sensor port is no longer relevant.

For this scenario (ObjectDetection+Thermal), you need to wire the sensors as follows.

M1: OpticalSensor (4K/4MP)
M2: Mx-O-M73TB
M3: Function modules
M4: Function modules (S74)

Camera Status EN

Here a short configuration guide:

Set the Camera Mode to AI

Admin-Menu: Camera Mode

Click “Set”, “Close” and Reboot the camera. Save the configuration permanently before rebooting

It is important to set the Optical Sensor (4K/4MP) to the right sensor!
ObjectDetection is only working on the right sensor (This is due to the fact that the ObjectDetection was originally designed for a single lens camera, which has only one right sensor by default!)

Here you can see a short Clip of how it can be used.

The thermal event is triggered when a temperature is exceeded as long as no object is detected.
In this way, false alarms caused by trucks, for example at a waste disposal site, can be avoided.

In this example an human is detected and the thermal event is not triggered anymore!