Dual Streaming Thermal and Optical with FW

It is now possible to independently stream the optical and thermal sensors of a P7 dual sensor camera with firmware This guide will help you configure that option if this is required.

Before starting the camera, connect the sensors to respective sockets. Connect the 4K sensor at M1. Connect the Thermal sensor at M3.
Start the camera and log into the web interface.
On the left corner at the top, there is a symbol with 3 parallel lines. Click this symbol to see the list of all available menus. Select Admin Menu > Hardware Configuration > Sensor Module Configuration

Verify that you are able to see both the connected sensors with their respective socket names (M1 & M3).

For M1 Optical Image Sensor: Select sensor = Right Sensor For M3 Thermal Sensor: Select sensor = Left Sensor

Set the cable lengths appropriate to those used.

Press “close” button at the bottom. When you get a pop-up asking, “Do you want to permanently store the COMPLETE configuration of the camera?” press “Yes”, so that the configuration is not lost on restarts.

Go to the list of all available menus, and select Setup Menu > Image Control >General Image Settings

“Image Size” is the size of the image created and handed to the RTP server. The thermal sensor “Image Size” should be set to VGA.

It is important here to set the camera selection to “Left” in order to be able to stream the thermal sensor independently. Be sure to Set and store permanently. This will have the consequence that only the thermal sensors will be viewable through the web interface.

Go to Admin > Camera Administration > Integration Protocols. If necessary click “Change” and set the protocol to RTP

Set the “Stream Source” on to “Raw” and click Set.

Now configure the Profile for the thermal video stream (either “Stream 1” (venc1) or “Stream 3” (venc3)) to use “Full” streaming mode by expanding the respective stream section and set the Image Source from “Use global” to “Full” Configure resolution (VGA recommended) and other stream settings to your discretion. Click Set and Store Permanently.

Afterward, to ensure all settings have been applied correctly it is recommended to reboot the camera.

The sensors will not be independently available via the following URLs…

  • Optical Sensor (max. 4K, Stream0 / venc0)
    • rtsp://<camera-ip>:554/stream/profile0
  • Thermal sensor (Stream1 / venc1)
    • rtsp://<camera-ip>:554/stream/profile1
  • Optical Sensor (max. 2K, Stream2 / venc2)
    • rtsp://<camera-ip>:554/stream/profile2
  • Thermal sensor (Stream3 / venc3)
    • rtsp://<camera-ip>:554/stream/profile3
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