MOBOTIX CLOUD APP V7.9.6 - Overview of the new functions

What’s new in the MOBOTIX CLOUD APP 7.9.6

Release Notes for IoS and Android APP:

  • User interface improvements in live, playback and download view, satellite view added.
  • Unconnected cameras are better highlighted in the map view (by zoom possibility).
  • Screenshot uses high resolution images.
  • Mobile Bridge Configurator support for easier and faster configuration instead of connecting a monitor with keyboard to the bridge for custom settings like Static IP etc.
  • General bug fixes and improvements

A few brief impressions of the new APP and its new functions

Snapshot button in the playback view:

The adjustment in the new satellite view:
The function is used to get a quick overview of the cameras that are reported as offline in the system in the satellite view.

Mobile Bridge Configurator (for the expert):
In most cases, nothing needs to be changed in the bridge configuration, the connection to the cloud happens automatically. In cases where an adjustment of the predefined (automatic) settings is necessary, e.g. assigning a static IP, changing the password, etc., the Mobile Bridge Configurator helps to set this via the smartphone instead of connecting a monitor and keyboard to the bridge.
With the help of the network diagnostics, problems in the network can also be analysed.