MOBOTIX CLOUD APP V8.4.4 - Overview of the new Functions

The New Features are:

OAuth login screen - Now MOBOTIX CLOUD APP and customers will have to log in through the rescaled Web page in order to have access to the dashboard.

Smart Video Search 1.1 - Enhanced functionality with search history and search recommendations. Prominently displayed search bar for easy video location.

Local RTSP viewing - Available now on iOS devices. Allows user to view cameras within your local network at their Full Resolution.
Users on the same local network as their Bridge or CMVR can view low latency video directly from their Mac, iPad or iPhone. Can be enabled in “Device settings” of the MOBOTIX CLOUD APP.

User Interface adjustments - Adjustments of the “Welcome” screen (first screen when you log in to the app). Changed multiple texts/descriptions and positioned Logo in the middle of the screen.

Improvements and Bug Fixes