MOBOTIX CLOUD - I/O Support - Using Camera Inputs and Outputs

Combining events with the cloud via a switching input or opening doors and barriers with the MOBOTIX CLOUD VMS can be controlled via the TAB I/O (Input/Output).

Practical use cases are combinations with alarm systems or external sensors that are connected via the switching input of a MOBOTIX camera and trigger a recording and/or an alarm (visual alarm, EMAIL and push message) when triggered in the cloud.

To open a barrier, the switching output of a MOBOTIX camera can be used and the barrier can be opened via the MOBOTIX CLOUD VMS using a soft button (icon in the image).

Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 09.57.26

Cameras that support this function, an “I/O TAB” appears in the cloud camera settings where the corresponding settings can be made.


In the preview image and in the high-resolution live image, the corresponding symbols are displayed for the I/O used and signal their switching status by color. By pressing on a symbol, the corresponding switching output can be triggered, e.g. to open a barrier.

Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 10.00.18

In the Playback view, I/O events are highlighted separately from other MOBOTIX events for easier, faster and more targeted searches.


The I/O function is offered for MOBOTIX IOT and MOBOTIX MOVE cameras!