How to control a switching output with the MOBOTIX HUB

For applications in which on-site switching outputs are required, e.g. for opening barriers, switching on lights or triggering alarms, the switching output of the MOBOTIX IoT Family (e.g. M16, M73) can be used with the corresponding accessories such as the Rs232 IO Box.

At the end, the user has a “soft button” in his live image in the Desk Client that triggers this switching output.

The most important steps are as follows (two video at the end of the report):

In the Camera

Assign the switching output in the camera. It is important to leave the profile name as it is: “SignalOut1On”.

In the Management Client

When adding the camera in the HUB, select the “Output”.

Create a “User-defined Events” in the “Rules and Events” area.

In the “Rules” area, make sure that the corresponding output is added when creating and create the rule according to the requirement.

In the Desk Client

In the setup mode of the Desk Client, in the “Overlay Button” area, place the newly created event type “M16-Output” in the camera image area using drag and drop.

After closing the setup mode, the user can use the button in the picture and use the switching output.

A How To Video for MOBOTIX IoT cameras of the P6 Plattform like the M16,Q26 and so on:

A how to Video for P7 cameras like the M73, S74 and so on:

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