MOBOTIX CLOUD Known Issue - Firerfox v119.0: not all settings possible

Known Browser Issue with Firerfox Version 119.0

Description of problem: With the current 64-bit version (v119.0) of Firefox with Windows 10 (64-bit) when you try to change the recipient for the email(s), (as shown below):

… that browser allows you to make the change (as shown below):

…. but when you re-open the dialog. The changes you had previously made were or have not been retained (as shown below):

This problem exists for all email recipient settings for all event types, and has been confirmed as a v119.0 Firefox by support as well. And the error is only in v119.0 of Firefox.
Tests with other current browsers (e.g. 64-bit Chrome v118.0.5993.120) do not exhibit this problem.