MOBOTIX HUB - Driver Package 12.2a ENG

The new driver package 12.2a includes a frequently requested feature for supporting multiple codecs with the native MOBOTIX camera driver for our IoT cameras.

With the new driver package, it is possible to use the codecs MxPEG and H.264 from the P6 and P7 camera models simultaneously. This is needed for requirements to realise the live display in adapted resolution with the bandwidth optimised codec H.264 and to realise the recording with the quality oriented MxPeg codec in high resolution.

Customers can now select MxPEG and H.264 in parallel in the stream settings when adding MOBOTIX IoT cameras with the MOBOTIX driver.

For customers who are already using the IoT cameras and have already added them to the MOBOTIX HUB, you need to open the context menu for the corresponding cameras in the context menu around Management Client >> Recording Server >> Camera with a right mouse click and then select Update. Afterwards, the extended codec selection (h.264) is available.

Known limitation:
When adding the cameras for the first time, no preview image appears, only after the codec MxPEG or H.264 has been selected under the camera stream settings in the hub’s management client is the live image displayed.

Supported camera models are:
• P6 cameras such as M16.D26 etc.
• P7 camera models such as M73, S74, Q71 and D71 etc.

The camera software requirement is for:
• P6 cameras:
• P7 cameras: