MOBOTIX HUB Plug In January 2024 Version EN

The new MOBOTIX HUB Plug In January version 2024 includes the following new features and improvements:

  1. Forensic Search: Support for Kepler Nurse Assist events: finding falls and unauthorized bed exits.
  2. Preview of the Nurse Assist function - Status Tablaue. For sales demos and pilot projects. Demo Licens: Mx-SW-XPro-Nurse-DB-Bas-30
  3. bug fixes and improvements
    License Details:
    MOBOTIX Plug In´s - License to Support MILESTONE XProtect - EN

Demo License:
Order Code = Mx-SW-XPro-Nurse-DB-Bas-30

Beta Version Now Available in our Beta Folder:
Password: soccer

Preview of the Nurse Assist function - Status Tablaue:
In the health care sector, it is essential to recognize at an early stage whether a patient is lying helplessly on the floor in his room and needs prompt care or whether an Alzheimer’s patient has left the bed and is no longer in the room. For this purpose, we offer a system solution for the Milestone XProtect VMS which consisting of our MOBOTIX HUB VMS and the MOBOTIX C71 Nurse ASSIST camera as a smart sensor on the room ceiling, which safely and reliably detects and reacts to the patient’s status.

In facilities with many rooms and e.g. a nurse room, the individual room statuses can be visualized in color in a status tab for the nurse.

View that shows the current live status without violating the patient’s privacy:

In the event of a fall, the fall situation can be assessed via live image if necessary:

Virtual nurse patrol:

Especially in night care, a quiet and silent view is desirable for patients and allows an undisturbed night’s sleep. With the Nurse Assist Status tab, we offer the option of switching to the live view if required.
In the current preview version, two buttons are available for this purpose in the top right-hand corner of the screen.
Despite the live view, the status of the patient is still displayed in color and allows a fall in a room to be recognized immediately even during the virtual night patrol.

Configuration steps

  1. switch to the layout setup mode
  2. placement of the Kepler Nurse Assist status elements in the layout:

  1. exit setup mode

Forensic Search:
Following the research and exact case analysis, it is important to determine the various patient conditions retrospectively if, for example, the course of a fall is to be researched retrospectively in order to view the exact course of events and the subsequent first aid. The Forensic Search function offers an extension for the new events of the MOBOTIX C71 Nurse ASSIST camera. This allows the user to search for specific Kepler Nurse Assist events and/or unauthorized exits in the past. The search time is also significantly reduced in the HealthCare area thanks to this new search filter.

Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 14.57.31