MOBOTIX HUB - The most important installation steps incl. licence activation

The following is an overview of the basic procedure and the most important installation steps:

  • Download the required installation files from the MOBOTX website

  • Review and ensure the system requirements

  • Run the installation file ‘MOBOTIX_HUB_VMS_Products__System_Installer.exe’ with installation of the ‘Management Server’ on the designated computer

    • The license file (*.lic) provided by MOBOTIX after ordering the desired MOBOTIX HUB variant is required!
    • When installing as a “Single computer”, all necessary server and client components are already installed here.
  • When you install a distributed system using the “Custom” option, install the other server components on the designated computers. In this case, the first installer running generates special files for this purpose during the installation process for each server component.

  • If needed, install “Desk Clients” on other Windows computers using the file 'MOBOTIX_HUB_Desk_Client_Installer_x64.exe’ or "MOBOTIX_HUB_Desk_Client _Installer.exe".

  • Install the device-specific drivers on the Management Server computer using the file ‘MOBOTIX_HUB_VMSDriverInstaller.exe’.

  • If needed, install a “Mobile Server” using the file ‘MOBOTIX_HUB_MobileServer__Installer_x64.exe’ on any suitable Windows computer.

  • If required, install an **“Open Network Bridge”**using the ‘MOBOTIX_HUB_VideoOS_OpenNetworkBridge__Installer.exe’ file on the same Windows computer on which the MOBOTIX HUB Management Server was installed.

  • When installing a HUB L1 variant and also when subsequently managing (adding/deleting) devices in such an installation, the server must be online and have unrestricted Internet access — or at least unrestricted access for outbound http/https requests to the MOBOTIX licensing servers.
    When any changes that involve licensing have been saved, the HUB server will automatically contact the licensing servers to obtain the necessary device licenses. No site-specific or security related information will be transmitted during this time. For all other operations, the HUB server can be offline.

  • When installing a HUB variant L2 to L5 start the MOBOTIX HUB Management Client and perform an “activation” of the license by executing the following steps in the Basics > License Information section of the tree structure:

    • do an Online activation by entering the access data (name and password) for the MOBOTIX Partner Portal, or
    • do an Offline activation by creating a file for the license request (.lrq), transmission of this file to the contact person at MOBOTIX Sales and import of the file (.scl), subsequently received from MOBOTIX Sales for activation.

This completes the configuration and allows the system to be set up and configured. A detailed description of the above steps can be found on the MOBOTIX website under Services > Download Center > Marketing and Documentation > User Manuals > Video Management Systems > MOBOTIX HUB > Management Client. It is strongly recommended to pay close attention to the documentation Before you start installation and Install a new MOBOTIX HUB system contained therein before starting the installation of a new MOBOTIX HUB system!