MOBOTIX LIVE APP - IPv6 Support since V2.6.2 (ENG)

IPv6 is supported starting with MOBOTIX LIVE APP version 2.6.2.

Switching to IPv6 can have various reasons. On the one hand, because the provider does not support IPv4 addresses and therefore no remote access to the cameras via IPv4 is possible, or on the other hand, if you want to change an IPv6 address to a static IPv6 address instead of a dynamic IPv4 address in order to no longer use a dynamic DNS service (provider dependent).

Provider relevant issues:
Some providers only offer a static IPv6 address with special business contracts or against payment. This must be clarified with the provider in each individual case. With dynamic IPv6 addresses, a dynamic DNS service can still grant access to the cameras.

The LIVE APP user can now freely choose whether an IPv4 or an IPv6 address is used.


• Your router has an IPv6 address from your provider.
• IPv6 is activated in the camera
• The IPv6 address of the camera has been activated in the router for external access.

The IPv6 address can be set in the camera settings of the MOBOTIX LIVE APP. To do so, you can enter the IPv6 address directly in the address field, as shown in the following example:


Typically this is entered in the text field “Public address”! However, it can also be entered in the “Address” field above it.
Strictly speaking, in the static IPv6 case there is no distinction between internal address and public address, only one address must be entered (address OR public address).

It depends on the user’s behaviour whether an IPv6 address is sufficient for daily access or whether an additional dynamic DNS service is required.

If access is only via the APP or via the MxMC, the IPv6 address can be permanently stored in the application and the user can access it without any problems. If, however, there is a desire to access the cameras from time to time with the browser, an IPv6 address is unwieldy and a dynamic DNS address such as “” is better for the user to “remember”.

Camera configuration In the case of router DHCP for IPv6.

  1. in the admin area of the cameras under Ethernet interface, set the “IPv6 operating mode” to “Auto”.

  1. the new assigned IPv6 address can be checked in the camera status menu or read for transmission in the Live APP (“/64” does not count as an address in this example).

Router configuration example of an AVM Fritz Box.

  1. activate IPv6 in the settings

  1. enable IPv6 for the camera at the corresponding port (typical port 443 for a secure HTTPS connection)!
    Transfer the displayed IPv6 address to the MOBOTIX LIVE App in the Share section (in the lower part of the dialog).

MOBOTIX LIVE APP configuration.

  1. edit the camera settings in the LIVE section of the APP and enter the IPv6 address in the “Address” section (square brackets are automatically added).
  2. Port number 443 is automatically set by activating HTTPS.