Remote access with DSL connection with IPv6

This article is helpful if remote access to MOBOTIX cameras does not work or if remote access suddenly stops working after a DSL tariff change.

With current DSL connections, providers are increasingly switching to IPv6 addresses. This affects the Ipv4 port mapping that is required for remote access to IP devices such as cameras that are positioned behind a router.

There are the following possibilities to solve this!

  1. Ask the provider before changing the tariff that Ipv4 addresses are needed.
  2. Switch to IPv4 in the router (if the router and provider support this).


  1. Use an external tunnel service that resolves from IPv6 to IPv4. For example, the service

For variant three, the following steps must be taken to set up remote access.

  1. There is already a Dyndns account, such as, which converts the individual host name to the corresponding IPv4.
  2. Or you can use the comparable service MyFritzBox from AVM (free of charge). We use it in this example!
  3. Router with DSL connection
  4. An account with an ipV6 to IpV4 tunnel service provider like

In the instructions we use a router from AVM model Fritz Box! In other routers the settings are slightly different but in principle modern routers should support this.

  1. Put the Dyndns name in the router, in this case the MyFritz address.

  1. Configure the port sharing in the router

  1. Enter the DynDNS address (in our case the MyFritz address) at the tunnel service provider as the host name in the Portmapper dialogue.
    Attention: Hostname consists of camera name plus MyFritz address!

Afterwards, remote access to the cameras via their host name is possible over the Internet (Browser, MxMC or with the MOBOTIX Live APP)!

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