MOBOTIX S16 FTP Profiles

MOBOTIX S16 is used as a webcamera for the local sailclub.
We want the camera to send a Picture.jpg every 10 minutes to the homepage using ftp.

It is possible to send the Picture.jpg to there is the remote site “/public_html” and “public_html” is used as Directory Name, under FTP Profiles.

It is not possible to send the Picture.jpg to, the remote site is “/customers/0/4/2/”. I have tried to put the entire path in under “Directory Name”.
The error message under “Test Current Network Configuration” said, "Cannot change to directory “Cannot change to directory customers/0/4/2/ (Error #54)”

Serial Number:
Hardware: T2r6.4, 996 MHz
Image Sensor:color 6MP, L22/B041,F1.8, SN 6187938
Software:MX-V5.4.0.44 (2020-09-17)
Date and Time: 2022-10-18 22:41:08 CEST
Current Uptime: 1 day 18:43:42

Anyone have an idea how MOBOTIX S16 can send the file to the sailclubs homepage, that was actually the purpose with the camera.