Successful FTP sending only with numeric site

Hello everyone, I have to send the photos via FTP to an altervista server and I can’t, while with 2 other numeric servers, one local and the other remote via GSM/4G it is successful. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix? thanks

Hello @misurando,

When you test your FTP profile under test network configuration, what message do you get?

Which camera model do you use and which firmware is installed?

Hi, many thanks for reply.
Camera is M26

Product Type: MOBOTIX M26B-6D
Serial Number:
Ethernet Hardware Address: 00:03:C5:1A:71:35
Factory IP Address:
Camera Code: 1A7135
Board Revision: 6.4
Processor Type: ARMv7 Processor
Operating System
Type: Linux
Release: 4.6.0-rc5
Release Date: #1 SMP Tue Oct 15 09:13:47 CEST 2019
File System
Release: MX-V5.2.5.15
Creation Date: 2020-01-28 11:57:22 CET
Initial Size: 62252 KB
ActiveX Version:

Unable to resolve hostname ‘’ (Error #57)

Hello @misurando ,

please update your M26 to the latest firmware

Did you enter a DNS Server into the M26?
Maybe put a second DNS Server in the M26.

Do you get the same error message?

Ok many thanks, next time that we on site, we do it!