MxBell Configuration Export/Import

Since the Version 2.3.0 the Export/Import option is available in the MxBell. This allows you to share the cameras you have configured with other devices.

To do that you have to go in the App Settings.

and from there choose Export.

You will see in the next screen infos on the settings that are going to be exported.

after clicking on OK you will be asked to give a Password so that your data are encrypted.

next step is to select with which App or Software you want to use to share this data.

To Import the configuration now you have to select the Import Button in the App Settings.

In order to Import the configuration to a new device there shouldnt be any cameras already installed. That way we prevent the App of creating multiple unnecessary PushNotification Profiles in the cameras.

As last step you will be asked to give the Password used for the file encryption during the Export.