How to export video from a MOBOTIX camera using a web browser


The best way to access and export recordings on a MOBOTIX system is using a MOBOTIX VMS such as MxManagementCenter or MxControlCenter. Sometimes you may want to quickly access a MOBOTIX camera remotely and export video using a web browser.


Open the web interface of the camera you want to export video from.

Step 1. Click the Event Player icon.

Step 2. Select a export start time using the Player controls. Click backwards or forward between the recorded sequences until you find the frame you want to start the export from. You can also use the frame by frame commands.

Step 3. Click the left Flag to confirm the export Start time.

Step 4. Select the export end time using the Player controls.

Step 5. Click the right Flag to confirm the export End time. Notice on the top right corner how the Flags show a segment marked to download.

Step 6. Now click the Event download icon, which will launch the Export window.

Step 7. Select MxPEG stream from the Download as dropdown.

Note: The tar archive format includes an Event Player to visualize the recordings.

Step 8. Click Calculate and the approximate export size will be shown in kilobytes. Note: The maximum export limit size is 128000 Kbytes.

Note: The web interface should not be used to export long periods of time. If you want to export larger MxPEG video sequences then we recommend export using MxManagementCenter or MxControlCenter.

Step 9. Select where you want the MxPEG export to be saved. Select Local Computer to start the download of the file.

Your MxPEG export will be now be saved as an .mxg file which can be played back using a MOBOTIX viewing client or VLC Player.