MxManagement Center not starting - White empty screen/Window after starting (or loading) a project - Win2019 RDS

Hi Community, I’m trying to use the MxMC in a Win2019 Datacenter RDS. I’m not the administrator, just a user.
The system admin installed it without any issue and I’m able to start the application until the screen of adding devices or loading/creating a project. After adding a camera or trying to start a new project I get a white screen… 3x screenshots added.

Do you recognize the issue? Am I missing some requirements (Visual C++ 2015 is already installed)?

Thank you in advance for your support.

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this is most likely due to a lack of OpenGl support.
You an try to activate hardware accelaration on the system / RDP client.

Hi I have the same problem!!!

HI, unfortunatelly issue is still not solved. We temporary solved the issue using a VPN to the server to Mobotix location and opening thje MXmgmt application directly on our laptops.
We tried already the last release Release 2.7.2 with the same RDP server from my original post.
Any ideas welcome. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi all,
Had the same issue after migrating some Citrix VM’s to a new machine catalog.
Turning off 3D support on the VMWare VM’s was a solution for us.

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