MxManagement Center Issues


We have a project file with around 650 cameras. Recently we’ve run into a several issues:

  1. When we upgrade to the latest version of MxManagement a good amount of our cameras aren’t viewable. It would just so a blank grey screen but doesn’t state it isn’t connected. If i roll back to and older version like 2.7 the cameras work again.

  2. We tried to create a new project file from scratch to reduce the size of older one as with the amount of thumbnails, it was a GB in size. After creating the new project file, we set two user environments (user and superadmin). It can open in user but if you switch to superadmin, MxManagement just crashes. I’ve had to delete the and user file in %appdata% to get it to open properly again.

Then with the new project file, it will open fine on one computer but then on another computer crash. The only way to open is to run MxManagement as an admin.

Any insight would be appreciated