Need help recording Video Files to NAS

Hi Guys,

I am trying to help a friend he has 9 camera’s, different models:


He would like to use a QNAP Nas to record to.

I’ve spend about 8 hours trying to figure out how to store video files to the NAS.
I get the cameras to record JPEG files but i would like to store video files instead.
Best would be video files of 15min each.

I am at the point that i almost think that its not possible, can somebody confirm this or
point me in the right direction?

Hello @Rrebel ,

the JPEG files are completely normal here.

This is the memory structure of the camera itself and cannot be changed.

To convert the JPEG files into a video, the MxManagementCenter is required.

Please install this and then you should be able to view the recordings and also export them in another format.

I dont have a server or pc at the location, can the cameras work standalone with the NAS?

Can anyone help me with the right settings for continues recording, i do get a lot of JPEG’s but iam not sure if its an uninterrupted scream. Maybe some screenshots will help me?

Hello @Rrebel ,

Yes the camera can work standalone.

here you can find the settings of the recording Section.

You can look into the systemmessages to check if there are any errors.
You can also activate the Storage Failure Detection to get notified if there is any problem with the recording

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Thank you for the info…

So i set recording to continuous recording do i leave “start recording”, “stop recording” to “select none”?

Does the camera override the oldest image when storage becomes full?

You can choose Start Recording events to have a better research into the recording via MxMC for example.

We recommend to set a Storage Size for every camera, to avoid a overload of the NAS.

Please set every camera to a storage limitation, so that the full capacity is never reached.

For example: 4TB Sorage Size on the NAS
4 cameras = limitation to 450GB

Do not fully exhaust the storage capacity, otherwise the NAS may be overloaded and not work properly.

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Thank you for the info…

this is what i setup at this point:

Hopefully this wil generate an uninterrupted stream of image material.
I also limited the recordings to 500GB each camera.

What software do i use to verify check images in case of an event?
Any tips?

to have a look into the recording you can use our MxManagementCenter

Do i connect this software to the NAS storage of to every single camera?

Main function is to check footage from the cameras stored on the NAS

You can add the cameras to the MxManagementCenter and then you can decide how to have a look into the recordings.

→ Via Camera
→ Directly from the NAS

under → View → Components you can configure the connection to the NAS.

now you can assign the NAS to each camera in MxManagementCenter and it will pick out and use your own directory.

You can read about it in our Offline Help for the MxMC. Page 65

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I keep having problems with the NAS storage running full.

i have 8 camera’s all setup to use max 450 GB so 8x 450 gb = 3.6 TB
My volume is 5TB but keeps filling up.

Any idea? Iam i missing a setting?
Any way to force a flush?

Anyone any idea? my disks need cleanup every few days… which is a real pain ;(

hello @Rrebel ,

the settings seems to be right and the camera should only use 400GB for his recordings.

There might be maybe some Input/Output Errors (IOPS) of the NAS/HDD.

Please check the system performance of your NAS (CPU, RAM, Latecny(IOPS)). Maybe the HDD has less IOPS and the Read and Write Commands of the cameras are to much and the Camera do not know how much data it has recorded.

Check the NAS performance.

You also can get in touch with our International Support:

is the Recycling Bin active in the NAS? Could it be that this is filling up your storage?

Performance seems not be the issue.

Recycle bin could be the issue, i just disabled the network recycle bin lets pray this is the solution.

Thanks, keep you guys informed.