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Novanetworks InovaWall - Video Wall Management

The solution to simplify the management of video walls.

Novanetworks InovaWall main goal is to make simple to manage video walls. InovaWall allows to easily interact with multiple video walls. This software will provide a better communication between all members of a team. It will be possible to access any camera needed at the right moment.


Novanetworks InovaWall is a straightforward approach to video wall systems management. The software allows operators to, in a centralized interface, configure the layout and change the displayed cameras in any video wall monitor.
The InovaWall Plugin lets operators make adjustments to a video wall from a remote connection, enabling faster team intercommunication.
These adjustments range from simple camera changes, to changing layouts in wall, while preserving the existing cameras.
A system administrator can configure the video wall remote connection from MOBOTIX HUB Management Client.
InovaWall is also integrated in the Rules System, enabling video wall automatization in case of emergency alarms, with preset actions on each video wall monitor.
InovaWall also enables system administrators to edit specific layouts, tailored for their own site purposes.

Key features

  • Manage video walls from MOBOTIX HUB Desk Client.
  • Operators can remotely switch displayed cameras.
  • Operators can edit a video wall monitor layout with preconfigured layouts.
  • React quickly to events by automating Views deployment on a video wall.
  • Easily and effectively setup a video wall.

What is needed to use the plugin:

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 08.40.46

How it works:

InovaWall Advanced: Operators can modify their video walls using InvoWall Workspace Plug-in, by accessing it in the tab.

InovaWall Advanced: Operators can modify video wall layouts

InovaWall Basic: Management Client Node views.

InovaWall Basic: Layout Management for the Monitors.

InovaWall Basic: Changing Wall 1 Monitor 1 layout a 3x3 configuration

InovaWall Basic Managing Camera in a video wall by drag and drop operation, with Wall 1 representing the Video Wall Monitor 1 image.

InovaWall Advanced: Management Client Node view

Download / Support information

The Plug In has already been successfully used by the MOBOTIX project team in France and has been tested with the following MOBOTIX HUB versions:

  • MOBOTIX HUB 2021R2 and 2022R1
  • Versions HUB L2 to HUB L5

How to install NovaWall:


InovaWall User Manual - Mobotix-2.pdf (914.5 KB)