Registration of a MOBOTIX Camera to an External SIP Provider

Registration to External SIP Provider


Often it’s important that the MOBOTIX Door Station notifies remote clients in case someone rings the doorbell or in case of alarm. However not in all the installations it’s possible to count on an IP-PBX connected to the public network through a trunk line (PSTN and/or VoIP). In the following example we will show you how to create a VoIP account with a public SIP Provider and setup the Door Station to register to it and make calls.

With this kind of setup the MOBOTIX Door Station will be able to call the IP phones within the LAN as well as any phone connected to the public telephony network. Calls placed to a remote station outside the LAN or outside the network of the public SIP Provider may be charged at the rate specify by the SIP Provider.

NOTE: although the camera is connected to the public telephony network through a SIP Provider, it cannot be used by the IP phones within the LAN as a gateway to reach external numbers.

Creating an account with a SIP Provider

The importance of choosing the right SIP Provider should never be underestimated. On the Internet you can find a bewildering number of vendors all claiming to be the best SIP Provider, which can make the decision process very hard.

Factors that should be kept into consideration are:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Security.

Regardless the SIP Provider you choose there are some steps you need to perform to register an account.

  1. Connect to the SIP provider’s web page (i.e.


  1. Find the link “Click here to register”


  1. Choose user name / password, type your e-mail address and click on “Register”


  1. Check your mailbox; you should have received an e-mail from the SIP provider. Click on the link to activate your account.


  1. The account is now ready to be used. If you want to make non free-of-charge calls you may need to buy credit.

Configuring the MOBOTIX Door Station

  1. Go to Admin Menu > Ethernet Interface


  1. Make sure the camera has a default gateway and at least a DNS Server for the name resolution.


  1. Go to Admin Menu > Test Network Configuration


  1. Type in the “General Test” field and press “Connect”. A pop-up window will open with the result of the ping. If the camera returns a green “Host OK” it means that the network configuration is good.


  1. Go to Admin Menu >> SIP Client Settings.


  1. If the camera went through the auto-configuration process you should find an existing account (*201 in the SIP Client Settings page. Press the “Add new SIP account” button to create an account for the registration with the SIP provider. Domain and Hostname/Address are the IP address of the AVM Fritz!Box. The SIP port is, by default, 5060.

Remember to check the options “Available as Proxy” and “Use as Registrar”. Press “Set” to apply the changes.


  1. Verify that both the accounts are properly registered by clicking on the link “SIP Client: Messages, Calls, Status”. Click then on the “Client status” tab: if everything has been configured correctly you should see two green messages in the “SIP Accounts” field, as shown in the picture below.


  1. Go to Admin Menu >> Outgoing Calls Settings.


  1. Press the “Add new profile” button and create an outgoing call profile to call, for instance, a mobile phone. Type the mobile number in the “Phone Number” field and select the Domain Name of the SIP provider from the “SIP Proxy” drop-down menu. In this case the “Connection type” will be “SIP Audio” because the .
  • When done press “Set” to apply the changes.


  1. Go to Admin Menu > Bell Behavior and Video Mailbox to define the Signalling Call Profiles.

If everything has been made correctly so far you should be able to call the IP phones with the Door Station and receive calls from them.