T24 Doorstation with Gigaset DECT

Hello, i want install my T24 Doorstation with my Gigaset CL690A DECT VOIP Telephone.
How can i do this?
Please Help me.

You need a PBX System which support Sip , like for example a Router from AVM Fritz Box or any similar device.

In general you connect your Gigaset to the PBX and the MOBOTIX Camera via Sip.

Olease check out this report:

Hey @dodo ,

You will need a SIP server where the camera and the phone will register to.

The camera has a built-in SIP server as well, but your internet router probably has one as well, needed to make the DECT telephony work with your VOIP number(s).

Option 1: use the router’s SIP server. It is probably already configured for your VOIP phone numbers provided by the ISP, and your DECT phone can make and receive phone calls. You need to:

  • register in the router an internal account and internal number for the T24, not associated with receiving any external calls
  • configure the camera to connect to the router’s SIP server
  • configure the camera to call your internal DECT phone when the button is pressed
  • (optional) configure the router to display the image from the camera on the phone’s screen (if it’s capable of this)

Option 2: use the camera’s built-in SIP server. The steps are similar as above, just that in the camera you need to define 2 accounts for 2 SIP clients (1 being the camera itself and another for the DECT phone). Then you use one of them for configuring the camera’s SIP client and making calls on doorbell event, the other number to configure the router as a second SIP provider with phone number etc.

In the original thread linked by Joerg, my issue was not getting all the above working in a predictable manner - it would randomly work or not work, and I got tired of rebooting things and hope that will fix it. I wasn’t sure if the root cause was something I was doing wrong in the camera configuration (you do need to get in multiple screens to set things up in the right sequence, and even the browser makes a difference), or an incompatibility between the SIP client in the camera and the SIP server in the Fritz!Box router. Mobotix even provided a beta version of firmware for me to try on my T25, which didn’t seem to make much of a difference. I settled on using the SIP server in the camera with just a SIP speaker as doorbell and without connection to the phone. Meanwhile Fritz!Box issued a major version upgrade which may include fixes for SIP, but I didn’t bother to test it.