S74 and 4k D080 lens

We have S74 cameras with 4k D080 lenses. We are trying to lower the resolution on the live view from 4k to 1080p, every time we set the general image settings to Full HD, it doesn’t hold and just goes back to Ultra HD.

Are these lenses unable to lower the resolution to Full HD and can only display Ultra HD?

Updated the camera firmware to the latest as well.

Are the Cameras connected to a VMS?
If yes, check the resolution settings in there. When VMS’s have admin access, tend to push their settings to the cameras.

The only thing they are connected to is MxManagement via a project file, which we have set at user access to the camera and cannot change configuration settings there.

The only thing I can imagine wrong is that you do not store configuration and reboot the camera.
What is the whole process that you used to change resolution?

Wanted to come back to this. As i still cannot get this to switch resolutions, this has happened across multiple s74s.

As an example, we had a s74 installed at a site and was not tied to any VMS yet. Even before adding it, accessing the unit via the direct IP i was unable to change the resolution from Ultra HD to Full HD.

I’ve tried updating the firmware of the unit as well.

vous parlez de la résolution en direct ou dans l’enregistrement, elles peuvent être configurées différemment.

This is the resolution in the live image.
Under general image settings, i change it from Ultra HD to Full HD or any other resolution it just stays as Ultra HD.

As Bosko says “The only thing I can imagine wrong is that you do not store configuration and reboot the camera”

How do you know that the camera is not changing the resolution as you want?
Can you do the before and after screen shot? First with ultra HD and second with the Full HD?
Also I want you to explain in details how do you do the resolution change, so I can see if something is missing.

Mobotix_STEPS.pdf (1.1 MB)
Attached a steps recorder.

First was going into Info to show the firmware and the image setup, which you can tell by the screenshots it was Ultra HD.
I go into the setup General Image Settings and change Ultra HD to Full HD, set it, store it, and reboot the camera. After the reboot you can see it is still Ultra HD.

If you’d like a screen record as well, I can provide.
Also, camera firmware is MX-V7.3.4.23 (2024-03-22)

This is interesting! Is the wrong resolution only present in the status window or is it also in setup settings?
Can you download original unaltered snapshot or event from the MxMC after you lowered image resolution?

Also try to do resolution change in a different browser or computer.

I hope you are already in contact with the Mobtix support. And tell us what was the problem after you find the solution.