How to change the image resolution on a MOBOTIX camera using an HTTP IP Notify

In this example we will configure two Softbuttons on a camera to set the image resolution to VGA or MEGA.

First of all we need to figure out the name of the parameter responsible for the image resolution. To do that we can open the “Setup Menu” and go to “General Image Settings”. In this page we will find the parameter “Image Size”. The same parameter is displayed within the page


If we want to change the value of the “Size” parameter to 640x480 we can do it with an HTTP message:


Now we need to put this information into a Softbutton.

Go to Amin Menu >> Softbuttons.

Scroll down the page and type the following information into the last empty line then press “Set” to apply the settings:

Add another softbutton from the same page. The Name of the softbutton will be “Size MEGA” and the parameters will be section=imagecontrol size=1280x960. Press “Set” to apply the settings.

Go to the camera’s live view page and SHIFT+Click on an existing soft button on the left hand side of the screen. Select “Replace button with” from the first drop-down menu and “Size VGA” from the second drop-down menu then click “Set” to apply the settings.

Repeat the step above to insert the “Size MEGA” softbutton. You will end up with something like this:

Now you can simply click on one of the newly created buttons to change image resolution.

NOTE: the settings will not be stored into the flash memory! In other words if you reboot the camera the image size will go back to the stored values.

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