Schedule IR-Cut Filter in Mobotix M73

Hi every one
how do we schedule IR-Cut Filter on and off time in mobotix M73 camera.


First create two ip notify profiles that would change parameter “ircutmode”. Posible values are:

  • irpass
  • ircut
  • auto

Destination: Localhost:80
Data protocol: HTTP/1.0 request

Data type: plain text
Messages would be:
set&section=imagecontrol&ircutmode=ircut ircut
set&section=imagecontrol&ircutmode=irpass irpass


And make another in same fashion to store configuration
(path /admin/rcontrol? and message action=storeconfig)

Then create two time events. One that would “turn on” ir-cut filter at desired time, and other that would turn it off.

Lastly create two action groups. One will turn the filter on and other will do the oposite.
Just make sure to select correct time events and in action chainging make correction to “consecutively” so that changes get stored correctly in case camera reboots.

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Hi i just tried as you said and it didn’t work . i just need schedule it filter out switched on at night and switch off at morning

That’s exactly what that setup is inteded to do. As there is no direct way to achieve that.
Have you tested ip notify profiles in “test current network configuration”?

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Hi Andrius

It worked fine. thanks for support

cheers mate