Signature Error when updating Firmware

Sometimes when attempting to update the firmware of a camera you will be faced with an error such as this….

Update started 2021-10-25 12:41:37 CEST
Switched into admin mode.
Released critical resources.
Fatal: Signatures failed. Aborting.

The signature referred too is in the certificates contained within the firmware update file. The issue is with a mismatch of the time range that the certificate is good for and the time & date currently set in the camera.

This generally occurs from one of two scenarios.

  1. The firmware update file is current but the camera date is not correct. This can be fixed by correcting the date in Admin Menu > Camera Administration > Time & Date
    Usually click the the button to synchronise to this PC will be enough.

    Then you should be able to start the update once again and it should run correctly.

  2. The other case will be when the certificates in the firmware file have expired but the camera date is correct. This is often the case when trying to downgrade the firmware version to some previous version. In that case it will be necessary to set the camera date back to some date just after the firmware creation date.

Please note that the best solution generally is to run the latest firmware available for the camera unless there is some very specific reason why a previous version is required.

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