Problem with update of firmware

Hi everybody,

I am in front of a problem when i try to update the firmware. I have the and i try to pass to the

I have this message

“Update started 2024-02-05 21:07:57 CET
Switched into admin mode.
Released critical resources.
Fatal: Signatures failed. Aborting.”

Could you help me? Some advices.
I verify the checksum, it’s ok.
Thank you very much
Eric from the south ouest of france!

Signature Error when updating Firmware - Camera Software / Administration - MOBOTIX Community

Please follow this guide on how to update the firmware when getting this message

This has happened to me when the time on the camera isn’t correct.
Usually resetting the camera’s time to the current time fixes it.
I’m not saying this is your issue, I’m just saying that this has happened to me and why.

Hi, thank you very much for your answers.
Now it’s ok for the update.
To solve the problem I updated the firmware from to the latest version directly.
Now I will start programming, I will come back to you if necessary.
Is there an advanced integrator guide available from the community?
Thank you very much.