Slider missing - Cannot change out of fish eye lense

Please see the two below screenshots with notes. There is a slider button that allows computer A to change the view of the camera. I know how to change the view on computer A and took a screenshot of how I did it. That same option is missing on computer B. I cannot change out of fisheye lense, the slider is missing as indicated in the screenshot.

The screenshot doesn’t show all the way to the right, but I have looked all of the way to the right.

How can I get this little button slider back so that I can change the cameras out of fish eye lense? This happens with all of the same cameras. Camera selection doesn’t change this or bring the button back.
Software is up to date. Computer has been restarted many times.

I assume this is related to the OPEN GL Support of the other PC.

Please check the MxMC Preferences → General → if the OPEN GL is enable.

If the hardware not supporting the OPEN GL the “enable” checkbox is not selectable. Please check the OPEN GL Support of your hardware and or make a update of the OPEN GL drivers.

This was the solution! I was not able to switch from hemispherical to a standard view. Cannot enable de-warping. Thank you so much. I hope someone else is blessed by this post as well.

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