Softphone for Video Calls

Hi everybody,

My client wants to use a softphone to receive video calls from Door Station (S16 or T26).

Does anyone have a good experience with any softphone (Bria, X-Lite, Zoiper, …)? It could be a licensed software (payed).


Hello and welcome to the Community.
xLite (free) and Bria (licenced) are both what we use in Support at MOBOTIX for testing purpuses.
Both of them work fine, and any other Softphone with H.263+ or H.264 support should also work.
The difference between xLite and BRIA is:
While xLite only supports H.263+, BRIA also offers full H.264 support.
The doorstation camera is set to H.264 by default, but you can select the video codec in Admin Menu=>SIP Client Settings. Options are H.264 and H.236+.


I bought Bria 5 (2 single group license) and it works fine. The single group lincense gives you the oportunity to migrate licenses between computers.