SIP video calls

I have a T24 (running MX-V4.4.2.73) and a Cisco Call manager 11.5 environment with a SIP 9971 IP phone video endpoint. I am seeing delays in the video portion of a SIP call building when the t24 calls the IP phone.

The camera is registered as an endpoint in my call manager, as is the phone. (the camera points to my call manager as it’s SIP server)

when a call builds, the audio connects immediately, but the video takes an average of 7-12 seconds to build.

I know that the video negotiation hunts through a number of protocols until a matching protocol is found. I have tried the camera on both H.264 and H.263+ to try to change the call built speed, but neither has made a significant difference.

Is anyone else using a callmanager environment with mobotix cameras like this? Are your call builds similar, and do you have any suggestions on optimizing the video in this setup?

Hi Kao,

when you have so much delay on the sip video, it is probably your live resolution, you can try a maximum value of 800x600.



Hello, I have two mobotix M16 camera’s.

I made a meta profile ,PI & AS, When both are activated, i receive a sip video call.

I only use a sip provider, linphone, and a sip voip app on my cell phone.

I also have a delay from about 7-10Sec. The audio is faster.
i use h264 protocol. h263+ is old and not supported by many voip apps.

Hi All,
usually 7-10 sec if you are using NAT. If you are using RTSP / RTP behind a firewall with NAT
(SIP server or the phone is “outside” ) that’s the problem. You’ll see if you are using all the devices (Cameras/door station, SIP server, phone ) in the same network the Video is almost instant.

Hi, I do not agree with vlad. I think it depends on the sip client. I tried to use Grandwire and Bria Mobile on android. With the first one I have the same problem as above (about 10 sec of delay).With the second one, I have no issue! I use 4G mobile network

Probably depends on the sip client codec. I noticed also that the delay grows up when the video has few frame/sec.

I would like to know if there is some detailed video setting for sip connection on T24 (not only the bandwidth, but also video size (it is always at 352x288), frame rate etc…