Suddenly no video in browser, but still in Android app

Suddenly there was no video in browser (FF, Chrome) anymore, but still in Android app.

Nothing change in settings…

A restart of the system did not help.

What can be the problem?

Hello there,
Do you maybe have blackbox instead of the image?
You could try to change encode type from h265 or MJPEG to h264.
Could you share the camera model and firmware version?

There is no image in live-view, but standard grey background. When i switch to another tab in NVR, a short flickering of the desired cam images is visible. So the image is somehow there, but not visible.
A change of encoding did not help.

4 different cameras including a onvif camera not working.

Strange: “NVR Event Notification” are triggered during day but timeplan is not active at the day. Time is correct ihn NVR and in cams itself.
NVR: mb20230301NVR816
Cam: mb20230419UX (mx-vh1a-12-ir-va)

Can you share any screenshot of the main view?

Hi: Here is the screenshot:

it seems to be related to the PC. On another PC it works. i noticed an installation of an DELL NVIDIA driver the day before. Now i re installed newest Nvidia V 537.42 / with a clean re-install option. But the problem is still there. Could it be a general problem of a new driver?

It could be the problem with the drivers, codec for h264, premissions for video playback in the browsers or maybe even firewall restriction (port 554?).
If you see the video when you directly log into the cameras website, than the driver should not be a problem.


i switched codecs from 264 to 265 and back, but that did not help.

I can see the video in mobile app and directly when logged in into the cameras. (but from another computer, in the lan port, other ip range)

When i am in the browser NVR (via wan port) and i switch to another tab, like “settings”, then for a 0.2 second all videos flash up.

Hello, i found a solution. After tons of hours of “debugging” spent, i switched to Surveillance Station. it works out of the box and very well with the Mobotix and other cams.