Browser Yes. MxMC No

I can see the cameras in a browser but MxMC wont display or recognize the cameras. I clicked the SSL and even tried the remote button with the public IP and port in the remote address line. Still no camera. All this is from within the LAN. Outside of the LAN the public + Port works.Any Ideas?

Hello @msunrise ,

the MxMC uses our specific Eventstream to get a Livestream.
Do you have installed any special firewall or anti virus software on the PC locally?

Go to Admin Menu > Ethernet Settings and switch OFF “Use aditional IPs”

Store the config, Reboot the camera, and try again.

Thank you Lee. This worked.

This did not work for my circumstance.

The only way i can get the Event Stream to work, is:
MxMC - Unlock - Right click camera gear- toggle connection protocol to Onvif - then Back to Mobotix, the event stream kicks in.

Any ideas as to what may cause this?