T25 & Grandstream GXV3140

Hi guys,

I want to use my GXV 3140 (FW together with my T25 (MX-V4.7.3.11). In order to do so I configured it using Auto Configuration. Both T25 and GXV were set to default settings before running auto config.
Everything was configured, and almost everything is working: GXV was found and configured.
Just one thing which currently is the only remaining issue:
As soon as somebody is ringing the bell, an incoming call at GXV is shown. But it is just ringing and showing an incoming call on the display of GXV. As soon as I am trying to accept the call nothing is happening. the call is not connected. The display is showing an incoming call until I am restarting the GXV. It is still reachable in browser and can be configured in browser but the display is showing an incoming call until restart.
Once I am calling the T25 from GXV → same thing.
Is there anybody who had similar issues?

The exact same thing is happening to me but with a T26, any news or solution?

Neither Mobotix nor Grandstream supported with that issue and I do not have a solution for it.
So I exchanged GXV 3140 through GXV3240 and it was working right away. I did not even change something on Mobo T25. I just took the settings from GXV3140 and applied the same settings on GXV3240.
→ now it is not running fine with GXV3240