Configuring a Grandstream Video Phone

Hi, I got a second grandstream video phone (GXV3175) and would like to use it.
Is there a way to have the Mobotix T24 automatically integrate it?
I don’t want to do a complete reset and autoconfig, just add the second Grandstream the easy way.


Dear @dominik,

you only have to create a new SIP account for the Grandstream in the T24 and configure a outgoing call profile and put this into the Bell Behaviour.

Admin-Menu: SIP Server Settings
-> Create a new account for this Grandstream

Know you have to put this informations into the Grandstream, so that the Grandstream can register to the T24.

Then go into Admin-Menu: Outgoing Call settings and creat a new profile in which you configure the number which should be called after pressing the Bell Button for example.

  • Phone Number: Is the Phone Number of the Grandstream which you configure in the SIP Server settings
  • Proxy: Choose the T24 as SIP-Proxy

The Put the OutgoingCall profile to the Remote stations under Bell Behaviour and Video Mailbox.
Be sure that this outgoing call profile is selected in the Signaling phase.

Then it should work like the other Grandstream.

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