Vaxtor LPR: Trigger event when a plate is not from a specific country

Vaxtor LPR: Trigger event when a plate is not from a specific country.

This is a rather specific example but shows how the different event types can be combined in order to create new possibilities with the camera.

The question recently was raised of how to trigger an event when the License plate read is NOT from a specific country. For our example we will assume that we are trying to create an event for all vehicles not from Germany.

To do this we will be combining two messages events filtering data from the Vaxtor LPR app with a Meta event. For more information on Meta events you can see these videos…

We are assuming that the Vaxtor app has been configured and is currently in operation. For more information on the the configuration of the Vaxtor LPR app please see the Guide book…

Message event are configured in Setup Menu > Event Overview > Message Events > Edit

The first Message event would be to filter for all plate reads such as a message name of VaxALPR with no comparison filters set.

The second Message event would filter for license plates from Germany. So use the Message Name of VaxALPR.plate.Country use JSON Comparison with the filter of “DEU”

Lastly you will need to create a Meta Event of the type Event Logic. Use the logic of A->!B (A but not B) with A as the general VaxLPR event B as the Germany filter event and set a short max time of 1 or 2 seconds.

The Meta Event will trigger when a plate is read and the plate is not from Germany.