[HOW TO] – read plates only after special event

In the below tutorial, we will show you how the set Vaxtor to detect License plates only after a desired Event.

In some cases reading all plates in not interesting, we would like to detect plates only based on an “Signal” event like forcing entry or wrong sense, etc…

In our case we will “User Clic” as an event and “MxMessage” to trigger Vaxtor.

First > set the MxMessage triggering Vaxtor

  • Enable Vaxtor app
  • Set “WORKING MODE” as signaled
  • Set desired “TRIGGER MESSAGE” by defaut {trigger}

Second > set the MxMessage for “Action Group”

  • Go to admin> Network Distribution of Messages and enable the messages

  • Then go to admin> Message Profiles for Action Groups and create a Profile with the MxMessage “trigger”

Third > Set your action group to send the MxMessage “trigger” when “User click” is triggered (or your desired event)

  • Go to Setup> Action Group Overview > and add new group.
  • Select “signal : UC” ( user click)
  • Add new action and select “MxMessageSystem : MsgTrigger”

Close + Store everything