Vaxtor USDOT - About the USDOT number

About the USDOT number:
A USDOT number (U.S. Department of Transportation number) is an interstate operating authority and unique identifier assigned to a moving company performing interstate moves by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration)

What is the USDOT information good for?
USDOT numbers are important because they protect customers against fraud. It’s an easy way to check a company’s safety record and complaint history, and to verify the company is legitimate.
Some companies try to skirt their safety records by creating fake USDOT numbers.
Rarely, but it happens. In those cases, you can use the FMCSA website to see if the USDOT number on your moving company’s website is legit.

Where and how to check a USDOT number?
To check a USDOT number, go to the FMCSA website and search for a company by name and/or DOT number.

What is the FMCSA responsible for?
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration , or FMCSA, is the agency of the Department of Transportation (DOT) charged with regulating the trucking industry in the United States.

Do DOT numbers expire?
All companies must update their Registration every two years, regardless of whether your company has changed information, ceased operation, or has gone out of business.

Can two companies use the same USDOT number?
No. USDOT numbers are not transferable and thus unique identifiers