Vehicle mounting options

I’m looking at installing an S16D in a vehicle and would like to use the Mx-GPS, is there an SDK that will allow the GSP unit to be seen in real time on Google earth or the like. Another interest is to be able to monitor the live feed for the onboard camera, is this achievable?

This is the block diagram of my proposed solution. I would use fisheye, but it works with s16 as well.

System components:

  1. MOBOTIX Camera (In this example, the camera is inside the loading area)
  2. 1 x MX-Input-Box
  3. 1 x MX-GPS-Box
  4. 1 x MX-EXTIO (together with USB cable from MOBOTIX)
  5. Emergency Button (Not from MOBOTIX)
  6. Door Contact (Not from MOBOTIX)
  7. Proper Network Infrastructure (PoE switch, router…etc.)

If you want further step by step help, please send an email to me ( and try to help you.


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