What type of RFID card can I use?

MOBOTIX delivers MIFARE DESFire EV1 4K RFID cards following the ISO/IEC 14443 Standard in the 13,56 Mhz Frequency with the following dimensions: 85,6 x 54,0 x 0,76 mm.

MOBOTIX RFID cards are unformatted and have a capacity of 4KB.

mx-admincard1 mx-usercard1

If you are planning on using 3rd party RFID transponders you should first test the compatibility with the MOBOTIX RFID readers (BellRFID, Keypad, MxDisplay). The flat card form factor chosen by MOBOTIX produces the best results in combination with our readers.

The sensitivity of the reader should be considered along with the technology. Some transponders use plastic materials with different thicknesses which can affect and effectively diminish the range of the transponder.