[Solved] Help with setup of user cards after initial setup of mobotix door station T24

A long time ago, I got a mobotix t24 door station and never thought about setting up the user cards (other than the admin card). I have done a lot of research I the past month on how to set my user cards up after initial setup of the user cards but was not able to find anything. I really need help because I recently bought an electronic door lock for the T24.
Thank you in advance if you can help me on this topic :wink:

hi daniel,
short time ago i had the same problem and i tried a lot, i wrote a little manual for myself. i hope you are german or you are able to translate, her i paste my personal infos:

userkarte hinzfügen:

“ok”-taste bis zum 2. ton gedrückt halten

admin-karte vorhalten

“schlüssel”-taste drücken

“ok”-taste bis zum 2. ton gedrückt halten

falls gewünscht user-nr eingeben (und “ok”-taste)

user-karte vorhalten
ODER alternativ die transponder-nr eingeben und mit “ok” bestätigen

“esc”-taste zum beenden

hope this may help you, best stefan

Thanks for the help!