Access PINs without red admin card

After 10 years, I had to replace a T24 with a new T26. It’s attached to an IO module and a keypad (in addition to the LAN/PoE). After connecting the door station, I restored the old configuration. Everything works (some modules required updating), except the old access PINs don’t. In looking up how to program the PIN, it says one needs the red admin card. However, I never registered an admin card during the configuration process.


  • can I program an access PIN without the red admin card? If so, how?
  • if not, is there are recommended path to set the red admin card at this stage?

I am able to set a Super PIN through the web interface.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Yes. Use MxSoftpanel. You should be able to add it there as it’s just the same connection to a T as per MxDisplay…assuming you have the Admin password.